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 Keys to Overcoming Adversity

 In Life, adversity can mean losing a friend, a loved one or losing your job.

 In Basketball, adversity can mean losing a game, or several games, or losing a team-mate to injury.

 For DeMatha Basketball Program, the 2012-13 season begun with some minor adversity. DeMatha are off to an unprecedented, and quite disappointing, 0 - 3 start and have two of their top players out with injuries.

 Here's what DeMatha are doing to help them overcome adversity.

  1. Staying Honest: DeMatha are not making any excuses. Excuses are a form of lying, because you're deflecting the truth. You must always take ownership for your role in what is causing adversity. DeMatha have no one to blame but themselves for their poor start. As a team, they have not played well enough to deserve to win. They have been careless with the ball (too many unacceptable turnovers and poor shot selection). 
  2. Staying Positive: Being negative never helps. The more adversity you face, the more positive you must become. Despite their poor start, all of DeMatha's pre-season goals are still attainable. They aim to have their conference's best regular season record, win their conference tournament and win the DC City Title. Everything they want is still up for grabs. They need to view their "losses" as "lessens" and use them as tools to improve.
  3. Staying Insulated: Keep your inner circle strong. When adversity strikes, championship teams use it as glue to bond and come together. Mediocre teams use it as a wedge to divide. Championship teams use adversity as fuel for motivation. Mediocre teams use it as rationale for finger pointing and second guessing. In order to overcome adversity, you can't allow outside influences to penetrate your locker room. Everyone and their mother becomes an expert when things aren't going well - the media, disgruntled parents, casual fans - and they will all readily offer their unsolicited advise on what you need to do. Tune it out. The only people that matter are those in your locker room. (Players, Coaches and Managers - Stay Together and you'll be al right!)
  4. Staying Confident: You can't let one or two losses shake your foundation. A famous quote, "winning breeds confidence and confidence breeds winning" has infinite wisdom in it. However, the confidence must come first. You won't win consistently if you don't believe in yourself, your team-mates, the system and your coaches, and the confidence must be earned. Once earned, the wins will follow. A teams confidence will always parallel the leaders confidence. Are you a good leader?
"Adversity is usually a prerequisite to great accomplishments"
 Originally written by Alan Stein of www.StrongerTeam,.com (@AlanStein on Twitter) 

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