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 Scoring Without The Basketball

 A game of Basketball is usually 40 minutes long divided amongst two teams of five players. Divide that equally and you'll see that you'll only really have the ball for a maximum of 4 minutes in a 40 minute game. We haven't even considered the bench players yet. Think about it!!

 Half the game you're on defense and when you're team has possession, 80% of the time, you won't have the ball, so what should you do when you don't have the pumpkin? Well, you could just stand still and hope that someone passes you the ball!! That won't make you a better player or win you games. Follow the below tips to become a better player.

 1. Keep moving, but with a purpose and not aimlessly. If you're playing against a zone, cut into an open spot on the floor and look for your shot. If it's a man to man defense; set screens for your teammates and not just the person with the ball. This is a good idea, as it is usually the person setting the screen who gets the open shot. 

 2. If you're a post player, you should be constantly be trying to post up and show your teammate where you want the basketball, get low and make yourself as wide as possible, hands up to indicate where you want the ball. If you don't get the pass, don't just stand there, go set a screen for your teammate in the post and open up again.

 3. Maintain spacing on the floor. Don't get too close to each other. Poor spacing makes the job easier for the defense as they can mark two players at the same time.

 4. Do not take your eyes off the ball, even as you move. Look for a chance to cut through the paint or if you catch your defender out of position, go back door for the easy lay-up.

 5. Be alert for when the shot will go up. Assume you teammates will miss every shot and go after the rebounds. Weakside players must always go for the rebound. These are easy points for you for a simple put back.

 6. Every loose ball should be yours; dive on the floor if you have to secure it.

 7. If your teammate picks up their dribble, be ready to move into position to bail them out.

REMEMBER - Its not usually the player with the basketball who gets the score. Instead, its a well timed cut to the basket or someone coming off a screen who gets the easy points. So, always be alert and never stand still when you don't have the ball.